0 Lives 1 Safe teleports 1 Bombs
Level: 1 Enemies remaining: 8 Score: 0 High score: 0



Destroy the Daleks by making them run into each other, forming piles. Running into Daleks or piles will kill you. Daleks will move toward you every time you take any action.


Click on the gray squares or use the numpad to move (5 stays still, 9 moves up+right, etc.). Take other actions using the buttons beneath the grid or one of these keys:

Explode a bomb:       b d .
Teleport:             t f 0 [space]
Wait:                 w +
Restart:              r

Powerups and actions

Bombs destroy all Daleks within one square of you and turn them into piles.
Teleports move you to a random square. If you teleport without safe teleports, you could land in a deadly place!
Shields activate automatically. On the next turn in which a Dalek touches you, you will be immune and the Dalek(s) will die without creating a pile.
Lives allow you to restart the current level if you die.
Waiting makes you stay in the same place as long as possible without dying.
Daleks eat powerups; they will destroy them if they enter the same space.
Once you've picked them up, all powerups carry over between levels. You'll automatically get at least 1 new bomb and safe teleport at the beginning of each level unless you have a lot already.