Hi, my name is
Isaac Sukin

and I create and grow B2B products as an engineering and product leader. Recently I've worked on:


Instrumental helps hardware engineers find and solve problems on their assembly lines. I was the second hire, brought on to design and build the web app frontend that customers use to view and interact with their data and insights. I interviewed current and potential customers to understand their challenges, created mockups, and implemented complex interactive workflows. Below you can see the data viewer, which includes the ability to filter data, zoom and draw on images to start a defect investigation, and dig into test data to find correlations. Many of the most interesting challenges related to our use of AI for defect detection - particularly how to set up models easily and how to intuitively present predictions, which led to several patents.

From the beginning I was deeply involved in defining engineering processes including hiring the team. As we grew I was promoted to manager, then Director of the Web App teams as well as the Security function. I also continued to take on much of the product and design work for the first 4-5 years, from roadmaps to specifications.

Screenshot of Instrumental Correlations

With the ability to span the spectrum from deep engineering to high level company and customer needs, I continue to guide the team through complex, cross-functional challenges. I take joy in helping my team grow, delivering high quality software with high velocity, and building a collaborative engineering culture.



Acquia provides tools used to build, run, and manage some of the largest websites on the internet. As a Product Manager for Acquia's flagship Cloud product, I was responsible for bringing together all the other teams and making sure no balls were dropped. Among many other projects, I worked with dozens of engineers on initiatives to modernize Acquia Cloud's frontend and backend technologies.

Screenshot of Acquia Cloud

I also led Acquia Pipelines from conception through validation, recruiting the team, feature specification, and the initial development phase. The pitch for this product was the result of many interviews with customers who were struggling with their CI tools.

Screenshot of Acquia Pipelines

In addition I created a number of initiatives to facilitate cross-functional communication, including Acquia's first Product Process, a conference room map, an app to help Acquians meet each other, and a social network. I won two company-wide awards and became a Certified Scrum Product Owner.


Venture Capital

Following an internship at top seed-stage fund First Round Capital, I was the first founding investment team member of Dorm Room Fund. I met with founders, made investment decisions, coordinated events, and helped operate the fund. I also designed and documented a lot of the Fund's day-to-day processes. I was involved in investments in Firefly (acquired by Pegasystems), Dagne Dover, PageVamp, Neu, and Applecart.

Dorm Room Fund website screenshot

Other Projects

I assembled a team of 30+ people from 11 countries to build content for Unreal Engine games under the name CBP3. We won 49 international awards and had over 250,000 downloads. As co-leader, I was responsible for communications and PR.

CBP3v5 levels screenshot grid

In addition, I developed games and graphics libraries as a hobby for years. Four of my projects have over 100 stars on GitHub, including a random terrain generator with over 600 stars.

Screenshot of THREE.Terrain demo

With this experience, I wrote Game Development with Three.js, a book about building 3D games that anyone can play in a web browser.

Game Development with Three.js book cover

I was also one of the most prolific contributors of modules for the Drupal CMS at one point, with my open-source projects gaining hundreds of thousands of downloads.


Thanks for visiting! You can find me on LinkedIn and GitHub.