What Does Outside Look Like?

I have an assignment to do in C.
I'm not talking about the musical key
I'm talking 'bout period number three.
It's something that I have to do in a free
But I'm kinda lucky, there's no penalty
For turning it in late save getting a D.
So you two just scatter and leave me be:

Oh leave me be.
Just go climb a tree
Since my homework sprees
Bring me to my knees.

Oh no! Here comes more, that makes number four.
I feel like a bore but my homework's a snore.
Go jump in a lake and when you come ashore
Come back again and tell me the big game's score.
This is certainly not what I meant to pay for
I thought worksheet mountains were only school lore.
Please no more homework--I beg, I implore!

Work piles in scores
This homework's hardcore
It makes good decor
When it covers the floor.

Class number five--that's five too many.
I have lots of homework; I don’t want any.
I'll be up ten hours—or maybe twenty.
They don't know to stop, but I do--that's plenty!

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